The Holidays: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – for Writing Traffic Tickets


The holidays are a great time of year – good cheer, family visits, fun parties – but all of the celebrations and holiday travel means more driving, and more driving means more chances to get pulled over and charged with a traffic infraction or DUI.

If you find yourself the subject of a traffic stop during the holidays (or any time) and you are given a speeding ticket or traffic citation, here are some helpful tips:

    1. Silence is Golden: It may be difficult to hold your tongue, especially if you feel you’ve been pulled over unjustly, but the more you say during your traffic stop, the more information that can be used against you in court.


    1. Be Nice: The more polite you are, the better your chances are of possibly getting off with a lesser offense, and of getting a better deal if you go to court. Police Officers are people too, and nobody likes aggressive behavior.


  1. Take Notes: Write down everything you can remember about the traffic stop, while it’s still fresh in your mind. The more information your attorney has about the incident, the easier it will be to plan your defense. Even the details that may not seem important at the time (time of day, the officer’s position during the traffic stop) could come in handy in court. Remember that criminal defense attorneys, especially those who specialize in traffic/speeding tickets, are experienced and knowledgeable about how to construct a proper defense – details that may not seem important to you could make or break your case.

Of course, the same advice applies if you’ve been pulled over for a DUI – the less you say, the better, and the more details your attorney knows about the occurrence, the more he or she can use to your advantage when forming your defense.

About the Firm

Jeffrey M. Rich is a Tampa criminal defense attorney focusing on defending his clients’ speeding tickets, traffic citations and DUI charges, as well as juvenile defense and felony or misdemeanor offenses. Mr. Rich also practices personal injury law.

Mr. Rich is a graduate of Florida Coastal School of Law, and has both prosecutorial and defense experience, ensuring that his clients are represented by someone well-versed in both sides of the law. Jeffrey Rich prides himself on being an aggressive trial lawyer who fiercely advocates for his clients, and you can view the results of some of his cases here.

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