The Charge:

Warrant Issued

The Result:

Warrant Recall and Probation Terminated

Client was placed on 5 years State probation in 1992 for possession of cocaine. During the term of probation, the defendant transferred her probation to Colorado. While in Colorado in 1997, the defendant was arrested on new law charges. When Hillsborough County was notified of the new arrest, a no bond warrant was issued for her arrest for violation of probation. The defendant continued to report to her probation officer in Colorado unaware that a warrant had been issued. In August of 2008, the client was notified that her SSI benefits were being cut off due to warrant out of Hillsborough County. The Defendant contacted Attorney Jeff Rich who was able to file a motion to recall the warrant and terminate probation before Judge Perry in Hillsborough County. Due to medical reasons, the defendant was unable to appear at the hearing. At the hearing, Attorney Rich was able to argue to have the warrant recalled and have the defendant’s probation terminated. The Judge agreed and recalled the warrant and terminated her probation. The defendant was facing up to 5 years in the Florida Department of Corrections.