The Result

VOP facing up to 6 years prison negotiated to 1 year of house arrest followed by probation

Client was on probation for Sale of Cannabis, Possession of Cannabis, and Possession of Paraphernalia.  Client was later pulled over and subsequently arrested and charged with Possession of Cocaine, thereby violating his felony probation status.  Not only had client violated his probation by being arrested, he was charged with another drug offense, making for a difficult set of circumstances.  Client was facing potentially 6 years of Department of Corrections time upon a finding of a violation of probation at hearing in addition of up to 6 years for his new law violation.  Attorney was able to negotiate with the State Attorney and earn his client no further incarceration time.  Instead, Attorney was able to get his client 1 year of house arrest, 30 days of in house rehabilitation, and 1 year of probation.