The Result

Drivers Licenses reinstated all charges reduced

Defendant had one pending felony driving while licenses suspended and two misdemeanor driving while licenses suspended in Hillsborough County.  WT contacted Attorney Jeff Rich for representation. After obtaining WT certified driving record, Mr. Rich learned that the defendant’s drivers licenses was suspended for numerous reason including habitual traffic offender, unpaid tickets, and child support. Attorney Jeff Rich immediately filed a motion to have his habitual traffic offender status overturned which was granted by County Court Judge Elizabeth Rice. After the habitual traffic offender suspension was removed, Attorney Rich was able to get clearance letters for all the unpaid tickets that were suspending WT licensee. The final step was to go to the Department of Revenue with WT to get a clearance letter to remove the child support suspension. Attorney Rich  was able to negotiate with the department of revenue a payment plan for the child support in exchange for a driver’s licenses clearance letter. WT was then able to take all the clearance letters to the DMV and have his drivers licenses reinstated. It was the first time since 1995 WT had a valid license.  With the defendant now having a valid license, Jeff Rich was able to negotiate with the state attorneys in all of WT cases and had all three charges – one felony and two first degree misdemeanors — reduced down to a no valid driver’s licenses charge, a second degree misdemeanor.  The defendant was ordered to only pay fines, no jail no probation.