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Congratulations! Now here’s your Ticket and thanks for the Donation!

Going out on a limb, I’m not sure there is much that infuriates the average joe more than a traffic citation, calling for your swift donation to the local clerk of court.  For some of us it happens a little more often, while others it seems, manage to go years without receiving a citation.  Most citations can be disposed of by simply paying the citation alone (never a good idea.  Stand by for

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So, How Do you Beat a DUI?

The short answer to this question (if there is such a thing) is that you don’t, at least at the stop.  If an officer suspects you of Driving Under the Influence at the scene of a stop, unless you do remarkably well on your Field Sobriety Exercises , you are likely going to be spending a night in Officer Friendly’s finest accommodations.  What you can do at the scene is mitigate your damages

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What is an HTO?

Under Florida Law, anyone with a  Florida Driver’s License is subject to what is called Habitual Traffic Offender Status pursuant to Florida Statute 322.264.  Under the Habitual Traffic Offender law one is subject to having their driver’s license suspended for 5 years if they accumulate 3 convictions for certain types of offenses detailed in 322.264(1), or 15 convictions for moving traffic

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Tampa DUI Lawyers Reduce DUI Charges | Case Results

Below is one of our current case results for a client charged with a DUI in Tampa:

Client charged with DUI in PINELLAS COUNTY after driving with his headlights off and on the wrong side of the road.  Client showed all six signs of impairment on the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test and then subsequently refused to participate in further

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Welcome To the Jeffrey M. Rich Blog

Welcome to the Jeffrey M. Rich Blog! Now the law firm that provides legal representation for criminal defense will feature a blog to bring helpful information in the legal fields of criminal defense, personal injury and juvenile law, along with recent case results. Just click the RSS icon to subscribe, and you’ll be notified automatically when we add a new posting!

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