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How to Avoid a DUI Charge: Case in Point

“I’ll do any test you want me to do so long as I can have my attorney present.”  This was the advice given by Jeffrey Rich via his blog regarding what to do should you be pulled over and investigated for DUI and are inclined to believe you would give a breath test above a .08.  This theory was one that made practical sense for someone who knew they had had too much to drink but made

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So How Do You Get A Protective Restraining Order?

Over the last few days Bay area news channels have been inundated with news of the deaths of Largo man Michael Roberts, Tyler Newman, and Taylor Reiterman. (See the story on ABC Action News) Currently the deaths of the three aforementioned individuals and the injuries sustained by Sherry Hice are under investigation from Pinellas County authorities. Focus of several

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Are you a paper person?

Every criminal defense attorney has had the client at one point in his career who they consider not to be a good candidate for probation.  The case comes in and unfortunately the evidence against the client is too overwhelming to consider going to trial.  “So and so” just isn’t a paper guy/gal,” says the criminal defense attorney to the Prosecutor.  Some defendants know full well that if

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