Traffic Tickets – Speeding Tickets


An experienced Tampa traffic lawyer can save you money and points on your license if you get a traffic ticket.  Florida speeding tickets are the most common Florida trafffic ticket issued and also vary in the amount of possible points assessed.  Speeding tickets exceeding the speed limit by 30 miles per hour or more require a MANDATORY COURT APPEARANCE and can result in a suspended license.  The Tampa traffic lawyers at The Law Office of Jeffrey M Rich can help you avoid this.  Below you will find some useful information regarding point totals for Florida speeding ticket infractions.

  • Exceeding posted speed limit by 15mph or less  = 3 POINTS
  • Exceeding posted speed limit by 16mph to 29mph = 4 POINTS
  • Exceeding posted speed limit by 30mph or greater = 4 POINTS

In Florida, if you exceed the speed limit in a Construction or School Zone you can receive a fine of up to $1000.  Simply paying your ticket or attending a hearing without counsel could result in points being assessed to your record, or worse a suspended license.  We’re here for you and can serve as your Tampa traffic ticket lawyer.

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