Breath, Blood & Urine Tests

After the officer makes the arrest at the scene, you are going to jail. Upon a DUI arrest, Florida law requires you to remain in custody for eight  hours or until you are no longer impaired. Upon your arrival at the jail, the officer will take you into the breath test room and request that you provide a breath test sample. In Florida, a breath test is considered voluntary- however refusing to take the test could amount to an additional charge if the accused has refused to take the breath test after a prior DUI arrest. Additionally, the State Attorney will try to spin your decision to refuse the test against you, should your case come to trial. If you provide a valid breath sample and it registers .00, the officer may still request you to provide a urine sample. In certain instances the officer may take a blood sample. Regardless of what happened in the breath test room, it is critical to have an experienced DUI attorney review the lawfulness of the police testing your blood, breath, or urine.

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