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When someone is stopped and subsequently arrested for Driving Under the Influence, it goes without saying that it is a frightening and confusing experience. If this has happened to you, you need a Tampa DUI lawyer on your side that will fight for you. From the second someone is pulled over to the time they are released from jail, there is very little explanation by the police as to what is happening in the DUI arrest process. It is critical to retain a Tampa DUI lawyer well versed in Florida DUI law and the procedure in a DUI arrest.

At The Law Office of Jeffrey M Rich, we have experience both prosecuting and defending DUI cases and are eager to stand up for your rights throughout this trying time.  To learn more about the process of a DUI in Tampa, Florida and how we can help you, or to clear a Florida DUI arrest record, call immediately for a free consultation from one of our Tampa DUI attorneys.

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